CDoS: Next Generation Crypto Denial of Service


CDoS: Next Generation Crypto Denial of Service

I would like to share a short version of an article to be released. A Red Team mindset is helpful for conceiving attacks like the one described below. Unfortunately, only a few organizations will react in time.

SIA Group Malware Lab researcher Eduardo Orenes urges CISOs around the world to pay attention to the new generation DoS (Denial of Service) named by Orenes as CDoS (Crypto Denial of Service), which is based on cryptography, including random wiping variants.


According to Orenes, a denial of service can be focused on data in transit or at rest (collapse of resources or data not available). Today, we are more used to DoS affecting networks. However, a more dangerous effect will be caused by CDoS attacks encrypting or wiping all our data, including backed up databases.


Noise generated by normal incidents and DoS is overloading incident response capabilities in many companies. Then, internal periodic digital forensics investigations focused on leads (instead of just on malware indicators) should be implemented as soon as possible.


The real situation is more complex than it seems. An apparently money oriented attack, could encrypt all databases in several US banks to obtain benefits. Nevertheless, the digital infrastructure (latent undetected pieces of malware already in place) and the rest of the malicious code could have been developed, maintained and managed by countries that could get a direct benefit from an economic crisis in the United States. So the world would never know that a common criminal attack was indeed an act of war. The opposite can also be true (criminals selling services to certain countries in order to get money directly from their clients, and after that taking advantage of the provoked situation).


Promoting illegal cybercrime together with the unstoppable growth of data perfectly cover surgical operations that could affect global stability.


Eduardo Orenes (SEGLOSER©), is the former Spanish Navy Cryptography Chief, working at SIA Group Malware Lab as a Malware Researcher.


Improve your Incident Response Capability! Adopt a Red Team mindset before it is too late… This kind of attack will certainly take place and our infrastructures seem not to be prepared.


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